Cicerello's - Sea Critters


Cicerello’s is not only the home of fish’n’chips but also home to over 150 different sea creatures residing within their 11 world-class aquariums. OKMG was engaged to promote these aquariums to families with little ones interested in learning about creatures of the deep.

Cicerello's - Sea Critters

Stepping into Cicerello’s, it’s hard to ignore the vibrant aquariums throughout the venue. These tanks are curated to replicate realistic marine environments in which these creatures come from, cared for by the on-site Marine Team. The Marine Team also runs Aquarium tours, educating over 14,000 local students and visitors on the creatures’ unique behaviours.

OKMG were engaged to promote the Aquarium tours, during the school holidays, positioning Cicerello’s as a key interactive family experience - specifically in the winter months. One of the key challenges in promoting these Aquarium tours was showing the true value of the aquariums so people felt it was worth staying at Cicerello’s a little longer for.

We developed Sea Critters, a sub-brand under Cicerello’s, as a way to deliver content that was both educational and entertaining. Drawing inspiration from the diverse marine life within the aquariums, ensuring to focus on creatures that children would gravitate towards specifically easily recognisable like “Nemo’s” and “Dory’s”. We created a brand that would be engaging and captivating for families with younger children, delivering information that was age appropriate without talking down to our audience. We worked to highlight the interactive and educational experience, creating greater awareness and appreciation of our unique and beautiful marine life for little ones.

We brought the Sea Critters brand to life by launching the content across the Cicerello's social media accounts and in-store signage which featured QR codes. They were then taken directly to the tour booking page, customised with the Sea critter’s branding for an integrated experience. The result; sell-out times for all tours during the school holiday season as well as a feature on the Sunrise TV show!

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