Honey For Life


Honey For Life is a local producer of raw, natural honey gathered from the pristine forests around Western Australia. Through a refined marketing strategy, OKMG educated consumers on the benefits of pure, organic honey, boosting Honey For Life’s brand awareness within a highly saturated market.

Honey For Life

OKMG was initially engaged to improve Honey For Life's marketing tactics. Whilst money was previously being spent on their digital marketing, it wasn't yielding the desired outcome. This resulted from audiences lacking education around high-quality honey vs what was readily available from the supermarket.

Through a refined digital marketing strategy, we were able to define our audience. People who were looking to introduce more honey into their diet for taste and health purposes, who felt frustrated by the number of honey alternatives available. From here we developed a marketing approach that would talk directly to consumer needs, communicating why Honey For Life was the pure and organic honey of choice, delivering on flavour but also remedial purposes.

After conducting extensive research into how different cultures interact with honey we identified channels and a messaging strategy to start a conversatiionio around the benefits of Honey For Life’s product range. A large focus of this was a three-day video production & photography shoot in the southwest of Western Australia, capturing the content of the Honey For Life honey gathering process, including the pristine environments in which they procure their delicious golden honey. Highlighting the natural purity of their honey was crucial in making Honey For Life relevant within international markets, especially within the UAE, where honey is revered, almost sacred.

To close the consumer journey loop, OKMG successfully elevated Honey For Life's brand position into the international honey market via several website duplications for the UK, the USA and the UAE audiences. We targeted our content to directly promote Honey For Life's products within these platforms, resulting in a dramatic and consistent increase in sales.

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