Job Pathways


Job Pathways’ rebranding combines community resonance and modern visual identity, emphasising connection to land and local values.

Job Pathways

OKMG recently undertook the rebranding of East Kimberley Job Pathways to ‘Job Pathways’, a strategic move aligning with community recognition and expedited deployment needs.The decision, rooted in existing brand loyalty and name familiarity within the community, pivoted towards a more concise, impactful identity. The rebranding journey commenced with an in-depth exploration of Job Pathways’ essence, focusing on its ties to country and community. This exploration was informed by executive workshops and board discussions, leading to the selection of a colour palette that vividly represents the land and cultural roots.

Further, the brand’s visual identity was rejuvenated, drawing inspiration from the well-received Wayfinder brand. This inspiration defined the custom brand device, a symbol blending traditional significance with modern aesthetics. The application of this new branding was demonstrated across various mediums, including uniforms, hats, large-format advertisements, and smaller-scale promotional materials, showcasing its versatility and broad appeal.

The rebranding effort culminated in a community feedback exercise, orchestrated by their internalling marketing and communications team. Garnering overwhelmingly positive responses from nearly 50 community participants, this feedback validated the rebranding strategy, reflecting a community-centric approach. OKMG’s facilitation of this transformation showcases its ability to blend market trends with local sensibilities, ensuring that Job Pathways resonates deeply with its target audience while projecting a contemporary, cohesive brand image.

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