Dolphin Discovery Centre


Located in Bunbury, Western Australia, the Dolphin Discovery Centre breathes new life into the historic marine conservation and tourist centre. OKMG furthered this cultural experience by creating a completely immersive audio and visual environment.

Dolphin Discovery Centre

Aiming to protect local dolphins and the surrounding marine environment through plunging visitors into an underwater experience, the Dolphin Discovery Centre is one of Western Australia's premier tourist attractions.

Following the acquisition of a significant State Government grant, the DDC contracted Perkins Builders to complete a multimillion-dollar renovation and expansion of the centre, complete with a cafe, restaurant, function space and a multi-media Interpretive Centre.

OKMG were asked to design and create audio and visual elements for the Interpretive Centre, which includes interactive exhibits, 15 marine aquariums, a touch pool and a theatrette. Through community engagement and collaboration an experience unlike any other was curated to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

This fully immersive Interpretative Centre needed to educate and inspire local and international visitors to protect local dolphins and the surrounding marine environment.

After an extensive research and discovery phase of exploring the diversity of the Dolphin Discovery Centre’s audience, marine research, the technological capabilities of the centre and the history of the Bunbury region, each recognised as necessary components in developing this fully immersive experience.

Ensuring that each aspect and audience was accounted for during this project through facilitated workshops, consultations and by collaborating closely with the local community, specifically taking into consideration the Aboriginal community and Noongar Elders to maintain a high level of integrity and respect to the land throughout the project.

OKMG produced and recorded a unique and varied library of content from the Bunbury region to create a distinctly local experience for the AV exhibits. Audio recordings from the Bunbury region were incorporated along with existing resources from the Dolphin Discovery Centre and Murdoch University's Cetacean Research Unit.

From this campaign we were able to create a fully immersive atmospheric sound experience unlike any other, taking audiences on a journey into the unique ecosystem of Koombana Bay.

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