Propel Fremantle


Propel Fremantle leverages technical expertise to foster growth in blue economy, sustainability, and immersive technology.

Propel Fremantle

OKMG collaborated with the City of Fremantle, Business Foundations, key stakeholders, and brand lead Natasja Reicheld to formulate the brand strategy and brand identity for the 'Propel Fremantle' initiative. Entrusted with Naming, Brand Strategy, and Brand Identity, we conducted workshops and market research in the discovery phase, sculpting a brand positioning in aligning with Fremantle's innovative spirit. The process then advanced to naming and brand identity, culminating in a successful launch that brought the initiative to market. Our collaborative approach forged a cohesive connection with the city's creativity and the project's emphasis on the blue economy, sustainability, and immersive technology sectors.

Through OKMG's strategic and creative leadership, Propel Fremantle is now positioned to drive growth in targeted areas, signifying a transformative advancement in Fremantle's innovation landscape.

View the live site here

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