Revo Fitness - Innaloo


A creative marketing campaign was required to position the brand to be the gym of choice in the greater Innaloo area.

Revo Fitness - Innaloo

Revo Fitness is known for providing a gym membership that cuts above the rest with their intimate knowledge and understanding of their clientele. The launch of their new gym in Innaloo meant directly going head to head competing in a saturated gym market in the immediate area, requiring a campaign with uniquely localised messaging.

We drew inspiration from the iconic neighbours within the area, brands that are ingrained within our culture, IKEA and more locally, Spudshed. From here we were able to curate our campaign messaging and creative content; including an interactive AR Filter and a collaboration with the Spudshed, prompting our audience to describe this as the partnership they never knew they needed and opening up future opportunities between the two iconic brands.

Through this positioning, we were able to pivot the brand in a more playful direction.

With messaging that had a distinct tongue in cheek feel - ‘Size That Matters' and ‘Are You Inn? We were able to create a human experience and generate lasting engagement between the audience and Revo Fitness.

Revo Fitness Innaloo had the most sign-ups for one of their gyms so far. As a brand that keeps on growing, we’re excited to facilitate Revo Fitness on its pathway to better and bigger opportunities.

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