TKI - Transforming Families


A user-centric, inclusive website for Telethon Kids Institute's Transforming Families project, enhancing parental support for trans children.

TKI - Transforming Families

OKMG partnered with Telethon Kids Institute to create a transformative digital platform for the Transforming Families project. This initiative aimed to empower parents of transgender children with the resources and guidance they need to provide informed support.

The website was designed with a user-friendly interface, featuring a triage-like journey for content presentation, pop-up navigation, and a responsive design optimised for various devices. A key focus was on ensuring the site's content was contextually relevant and easily accessible to users. The website also included a robust content management system, allowing for seamless ingestion of content from various sources. SEO services were implemented to enhance the website's visibility.

The design was welcoming, visually appealing, and represented an inclusive and supportive environment. The project delivered a sustainable, practical, and multi-faceted national website, contributing to improved mental health outcomes for trans children and their families.

View live site here

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