Flex Fitness


OKMG revitalised Flex Fitness Equipment's brand, enhancing its identity and strategy to reflect its growth and sophistication, preparing it for international expansion.

Flex Fitness

OKMG partnered with Flex Fitness Equipment, a leading fitness equipment provider in Australia, to redefine and strengthen its brand identity and strategy. The project was initiated to address the company's need for a more distinctive and mature brand image that accurately represents its size, scale, and sophistication.

The project involved a comprehensive brand audit, market research, and stakeholder workshops to develop a robust brand purpose, unique value proposition, personas, and tone of voice. The outcome was a custom logo design, graphic devices, colour treatments, typography, and a comprehensive brand style guide.

This strategic rebranding has not only enhanced Flex Fitness's brand consistency and control but also prepared it for its planned international expansion.

View the live site here

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