LGM Industries


Our targeted campaign significantly increased LGM Industries' contractor recruitment in the mining and industrial sectors.

LGM Industries

OKMG undertook a comprehensive recruitment campaign for LGM Industries, aiming to bolster the company's presence among tradespeople in the mining and industrial sectors, especially in regions like Peel, Kwinana, and the South West. The marketing campaign in Western Australia, focused on key Out-of-Home (OOH) media buying, supported by targeted digital advertising.

Market research and strategic planning laid the foundation for a well-informed campaign. This was complemented by the creation of engaging billboard designs and digital ad creative, each tailored to resonate with the target audience. A custom landing page was developed to streamline the recruitment process, enhancing user experience and conversion rates. The digital advertising strategy extended to setup and optimisation across various platforms, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. The campaign's success was closely monitored, including regular performance tracking and comprehensive reporting, which allowed for real-time adjustments and maximised impact. OKMG's full-service approach effectively elevated LGM's profile in the targeted sectors, demonstrating the agency's capability in delivering a multifaceted and result-oriented advertising campaign.

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