Foodies Market IGA


Foodies Market is an oasis for gourmet enthusiasts, filled with locally sourced produce, international delicacies, and an assortment of organic goods.

Foodies Market IGA

OKMG played a pivotal role in branding, marketing, and digital advertising for Foodies Market in Claremont, Perth. In terms of branding, the goal was to encapsulate Foodie’s Market ethos of supporting local producers and high-quality international suppliers by creating a colourful and approachable brand identity that echoes the market's dedication to quality and diversity. This was manifested in a vibrant logo design, evocative food related iconography, and an intuitive layout in all collateral materials.

Foodies Market marketing strategy was designed to establish a strong presence in local communities through targeted initiatives, activations, collaborations, and generating a buzz that amplified the market's reputation as the go-to place for food lovers. On the digital advertising front, OKMG leveraged various platforms, especially social media, to reach wider audiences. Content was strategically curated to showcase the vibrant, fresh produce and unique products available at the market, making sure every web page, graphic, or video resonated with the market's branding.

We also launched targeted campaigns that capitalized on SMM and SEM channels, effectively boosting Foodies Market's online visibility to the local community and those in neighbouring suburbs. Foodies Market now has a digitally connected community that's just as vibrant and diverse as the offerings in-store. Foodies Market has not only experienced significant growth in foot traffic since opening, but also established a strong and distinctive brand and digital presence.

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