Murdoch University


Murdoch University approached us to challenge the Fremantle harbour seafood giants, giving a fresh twist to fish & chips.

Murdoch University

OKMG agency embarked on an innovative digital advertising campaign for Murdoch Dubai campus, leveraging the captivating tagline 'This is Free Thinking' to ignite a sense of curiosity and foster inspiration among prospective students. Through meticulous execution, the campaign aimed to position Murdoch Dubai as a beacon of intellectual exploration and limitless possibilities.

Strategic placement across various digital channels, coupled with visually striking imagery and captivating storytelling, effectively conveyed the essence of the campus's progressive educational environment. Immersive virtual tours and thought-provoking video testimonials brought the concept of 'Free Thinking' to life, showcasing the campus as a hub for independent thought, innovation, and personal growth.

The campaign's emphasis on intellectual freedom attracted a diverse audience of ambitious individuals, driving a surge of interest and establishing Murdoch Dubai as a renowned institution for academic excellence. By aligning the 'This is Free Thinking' tagline with an engaging digital presence, the campaign solidified Murdoch Dubai's reputation as a destination for those seeking a transformative educational experience.

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