Ron Farris Real Estate


Ron Farris Real Estate has been established within the WA property scene for over 30 years. OKMG was engaged to relaunch the brand to reflect the Ron Farris team's leading property knowledge and expertise with a more refined and sophisticated visual language, elevating their position in the real estate market.

Ron Farris Real Estate

The recent shift of ownership within the company from the founder, Ron Farris, to his two children Anna-Maree and Paul, opened itself up as an opportunity to take the Ron Farris brand into a more modern space.

As the Ron Farris name and brand were highly recognisable within the property industry, it was requested that the name remain and the colour palette not be steered too far from the original.

We refined the colour scheme into subtle shades, separated it into primary and secondary palettes, and implemented a balanced colour ratio. We retained the brand name 'Ron Farris', applying a combination of low and high contrast san serif typefaces, drawing focus to 'Farris', as a nod to the renewed direction of the company. Using the 'RFRE' letters, a brand mark was introduced, allowing for more practical applications across collateral.

The refreshed Ron Farris brand was launched, accompanied with their new tagline ‘Your Partner in Property’ across the entire business, including digital and print content, office signage fit-out and a custom built website. With this renewed modern direction, the brand's visual language accurately reflected their reputable property portfolio, reestablishing their position as leaders in the property market.

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