The Fast 800 - Video Production


Pioneered by Dr. Michael Mosley, The Fast 800 program has become a globally recognised lifestyle program to assist in weight loss for better health.

The Fast 800 - Video Production

Looking to cement their position in the Australian market and promote their online program, The Fast 800 required a campaign that focused equally on the science-based backing, as well as the convenience of the program.

Trying to stick to healthy habits in the world today is harder than ever. We’re constantly being tempted, whether it’s driving by fast food outlets, ordering UberEats, or opting for Netflix rather than a sunset stroll. And technology is facilitating this bad behaviour, bringing the temptation too close for comfort.

But if you can’t beat them - join them. The Fast 800 online program has been designed with convenience in mind, creating an online and mobile experience that puts The Fast 800 support team in your pocket.

To help keep our users on track, we put The Fast 800 program - and the team of health experts - into the palm of users' hands by removing a voice of lesser reason - Siri.

We brought this idea to life through three, highly relatable scenarios that captured moments when people often fall back into old habits. Each different scenario worked to hero a specific pillar of the online program, demonstrating the breadth of support that members receive from guided recipes, to at-home workouts, and education grounded in science. We worked to ensure that the tone was equally surprising and supportive, avoiding the shame that often comes with health advertising.

Leveraging the personality and distinctive voice of Dr. Michael Mosley who has become a credible household name, whilst also introducing the broader team of health experts that makes The Fast 800 so unique.

OKMG also developed the Fast 800 website - Link here.

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