Funky Monkey Bars


Funky Monkey Bars, an Australian owned company, has revolutionised the iconic playground favourite. Leading the way in backyard fun with their modular equipment, Funky Monkey Bars were looking for a campaign that would demonstrate the power of a child's imagination, setting them up to be the number one choice when it comes to backyard equipment.

Funky Monkey Bars

Funky Monkey Bars have established their position as the go-to equipment for kids who are wild for fitness and gymnastics. Leading into the Spring and Summer season, they required a campaign that showed parents that children of all ages and skill levels could enjoy the outdoor equipment, to wider their existing market. OKMG was engaged in developing and implementing a campaign to get kids off the couch and into their backyards.

We launched the campaign 'Find Your Amazing' positioning Funky Monkey Bars as the ultimate way to unlock your child's imagination so they can create their own world and experiences.

We were challenged with targeting two audience groups: those unfamiliar with Funky Monkey Bars and those who knew them but were yet to commit to purchasing the equipment. Splitting our campaign into two varied directions: ' Welcome to the Jungle', introducing parents and children to the Funky Monkey Bars product range and the second 'Level Up', focusing on the add-on accessories so you can grow your equipment along with your children's skills.

Our production team captured the vision of these two concepts over a two-day shoot and brought the wild world of Funky Monkey Bars to life through animation. Launched as a social media campaign, including a Funky Monkey Bar social filter and challenge, we showed the people of Australia the possibility of a child's imagination, from lava to snakes, snapping crocodiles and more.

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