Revo Fitness - Gym Simple


2021 was shaping up to be a massive year of growth for Revo. To capture the brand’s evolution and current position, Revo required a strategic-led brand campaign to establish their new direction and welcome new members.

Revo Fitness - Gym Simple

The gym industry is renowned for hidden fees and sneaky lock-in tactics. Revo, however, achieved the impossible; Making the gym simple.

Having amassed a loyal following, the Revo team wanted to ensure that they didn't lose touch with their existing members, especially with a significant year of growth ahead of them. We know that Revo has managed to grow exponentially and retain members through their simple, no BS membership - OKMG wanted to capture the power of one membership in their new brand campaign.

The signup process is often the most strenuous workout you'll have when joining the gym; Unless your gym is Revo Fitness. Conveying the simplicity of the Revo membership was the core objective of this campaign. Where other gyms hide their agenda in small print and surprise fees, Revo keeps it simple - when we say no catches we mean it, full stop.

We teased out the full stop, hero'ing it as we refined the Revo visual language. This brand element reflected their flexible offering and the confident yet jovial direction of the Revo brand.

Working collaboratively with the Revo team, we created a high energy video to walk existing and prospective members through the Revo promise. We incorporated animation with live-action footage, reflective of social media culture, aligning with the online behaviour of the Revo audience. The Revo brand message was reinforced across radio, using this as an opportunity to create an ongoing, bantery type dialogue between Revo and their audience.

When launching this brand campaign, we ensured that this didn't feel like introducing a new brand but instead a reminder that the Revo membership remains the most affordable, accessible membership. So whether this was your first time hearing of Revo or being a ride or die member from way back, you would clearly understand the Revo ethos.

The brand campaign reestablished Revo's position as the gym made simple, across WA.

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