How to Build the Credibility of Your Business

May 16, 2019
Will Kaye
Managing Director

A lack of credibility can hurt any business. Consumers today have access to goods from all over the world...

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A lack of credibility can hurt any business. Consumers today have access to goods from all over the world, which means they’ll only choose to buy products and services from businesses they deem to be trustworthy and reliable.

Learn about how to build credibility in business by reading some proven methods below.

Utilise Endorsements and Reviews

When a person sees a strong endorsement of your business from a media outlet or individual they recognise and respect, they’re much more likely to make a purchase. Ask other business leaders or people of notoriety in your local area if they would be willing to endorse your products. Collecting testimonials from your existing customer base is also an effective way of making your business more credible in the eyes of consumers. Consider including pages that feature endorsements and testimonials on your business website, as many people today shop online and will research the businesses they get goods from before making a purchasing decision.

Improve Transparency Through Social Media

Credibility and transparency go hand-in-hand. Thanks to the rise of social media, businesses can no longer live in the shadows and keep their operations to themselves. The more open you are about the way you do business, the more credibility your brand will acquire over time. Smart business owners see an exciting opportunity in social media, as such platforms provide easy and cost-effective ways of improving their transparency through posting photos, videos, blog posts and more. All of these actions work to give a business a sense of honesty, openness and credibility.

Provide Helpful Training Resources

Your employees are the face of your brand. If your staff aren’t properly trained and knowledgeable enough to be helpful to your customers, then your credibility will suffer. Provide your staff with training resources that prepare them for any situation they could encounter during their work-related duties, and teach them the reasons why customers come to trust a business and become loyal to it. The ongoing education of employees is one of the most forgotten aspects of building credibility for a business, which means it’s also a method you can use to make your customer service experience exceptional and unique among your competitors.

Acquire Industry Certifications and Awards

Customers love to see the professional certifications at businesses. While these certifications can vary greatly between industries, they should be sought out and applied for at every opportunity. The same goes for any industry-related awards. If your business can acquire certifications and awards that impress your customers, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition in terms of credibility. Nothing says your products and services can be trusted quite like an official declaration from an organisation your customers recognise.

Make Credibility a Part of Your Marketing

Improving credibility isn’t something to work on only when your business needs a quick boost in reputation. Credibility is something that should always be considered in your long-term marketing strategies, especially in today’s technology-driven marketplace, where businesses are often required to react to customer complaints and enquiries in highly public settings. Successful business operators realise that an ongoing effort to remain respected and trusted in your industry will show much better outcomes than addressing your credibility only when it’s being questioned or tested.

These are just a few of the many great ways that guide you with how to build credibility in business. By utilising endorsements, providing better training resources for your staff, seeking out industry certifications, being transparent on social media and incorporating the concept of credibility into your ongoing marketing efforts, your business will be much more likely to stand out in the crowd and attract more customers.

Our team has expertise in integrating repeatable processes and systems that will improve the credibility of your business, foster trust and drive growth. Enquire about OKMG’s strategy services today for more guidance on how to build credibility in business.